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According to the American Psychiatric Association, telepsychiatry has such high patient satisfaction ratings that psychiatrists are adding this valuable service at record speed. As a practice that’s always at the forefront of advanced mental health care services, Wholehealth PLLC in Houston, Texas, is proud to offer telepsychiatry services. Psychiatrist Huiping Xu, MD, and the team make it easy to get the individualized therapy you need, in a way that suits your life best. Call the office or schedule an appointment online now.

Telepsychiatry Q & A

What is telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is psychiatric care and other types of mental health therapy conducted through phone calls or video conferencing. At Wholehealth PLLC, the team understands that you may not be able to come to the Houston office for your treatment — but that doesn't change your need for professional care. 

That's why they provide the same quality individual therapy that you'd normally receive in person via easily accessible technology. Telepsychiatry can be part of an ongoing treatment plan in which you visit the office occasionally, or it can be your main method of care. The team can adapt the ideal treatment plan for you.

When might I need telepsychiatry?

There are several reasons people opt for telepsychiatry. Common examples include:

Inability to travel

If you can't travel to the office for any reason, telepsychiatry can be a good fit. Some people can't travel to the office because it's too far away, because they have a physical ailment that prevents leaving the house, or other reasons. 

Many patients who participate in telepsychiatry are young children and teens who need specialized juvenile mental health care that's not available in their area. 

Busy schedule

When you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to arrange time to travel to and from the office for mental health care. Telepsychiatry eliminates your commute and helps you make the most of your time. 

Personal comfort

If you prefer to avoid crowds of people or find it difficult to interact with people face to face, telepsychiatry can give you the care you need in a way that's comfortable for you. 

No matter what your reasons for selecting a home-based treatment plan are, telepsychiatry is a great way to receive highly personalized care. 

What can I expect during telepsychiatry?

Just as with an in-person appointment, patient privacy laws apply. You'll use a secure software platform to connect with your Wholehealth PLLC provider. 

The process is a lot like an in-person appointment. The Wholehealth PLLC specialists encourage you to make notes ahead of time so you can remember the topics you want to cover during therapy. 

Before your first session, some things you might want to note include:

  • How you've been feeling
  • Events or circumstances that triggered your feelings
  • How you've been coping with your feelings and thoughts
  • Why you're seeking treatment
  • What your treatment goals are

Your Wholehealth PLLC provider can discuss anything you wish. Don't be afraid to say whatever you're thinking, because you're safe with a licensed mental health professional who can help.

Depending on the situation, your provider may incorporate psychopharmacology (prescription medication) into your treatment plan. And, they may recommend other methods of relieving symptoms, such as yoga and aromatherapy.

To schedule your telepsychiatry appointment, call the Wholehealth PLLC office or click the online scheduler now.

Services We Provide

We provide an array of services to treat various mental health conditions. As a psychiatrist, we offer treatment in adult psychiatry, child psychiatry, adolescent psychiatry, and family counseling. Since each patient is unique, we will need to customize the treatment to meet their needs. We can provide treatment for bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, mood disorder, ADHD, OCD, social anxiety, and more. Among various treatment options, we also provide transcranial magnetic stimulation, neurostimulation therapy, telepsychiatry, psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and ketamine treatment. The type of therapy or number of sessions a patient need may change over time. Part of our treatment will involve helping the patient learn to cope with their symptoms.